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What is Guard Dog Training ?

The first and foremost training that your dog need once you bring a new one home. It consists of some of the mostly used commands such as Come,Sit, Stay etc.

Guard Dog training in India


  • Your pet will listen to you immediately.
  • Helps your pet learn his role in your family and in the world.
  • Will teach him the skills he needs to interact with other dogs.
  • Will teach him the skills he needs to interact with people inside and outside your home.
  • Builds healthy behaviours and looses negetive ones.
  • Will not show dominance over you.

Things about Obedience Training you must know being a parent :



There are basically two methods of Obedience Training –


1. Aversive-based training


Here you use positive punishment and negetive reinforcements procedures with your dog. 
Aversive training consists of techniques like loud, unpleasant scolding and physical error corrections to make your dog obey you.


2. Reward-based trainng


Here you reward your dog as a sense of gratitude when he/she follow your command or has done as you see. Treats, belly rubs are some of the dog-pleasing actions.




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